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The TM-U950 Printer Exchange for only $169.00

TM-U950 Exchange

The TM-U950 printer is used in a variety of applications. If it says TM-U950 on it, we service it.

TM-U950 White / charcoal The TM-U950 Receipt / Journal Printer Refurbished. Looks like new, performs like new!
Exchange Price: $169.00.

If you have a old TM-U950 ( core ) You can purchase a spare for only $250.00.

Color:       Interface:  What's the difference?

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Warranty:   Purchase Price at check out $169.00

The TM-U950 printer is used in a variety of applications. Charcoal is most often used in the petroleum industry and the interface is serial. The white TM-U950 is used in various systems and the interface can be parallel or serial. Different application may require different dip switching settings. The TM-U950 can handle all popular communications baud rates and protocols. The refurbished TM-U950 offered here is a popular alternative to the high price of brand new. And they come with a 6 month standard or 1 year warranty.

The Exchange requires the return of your existing printer of the same color and model! If we do not receive your core (old) printer within 15 days we will assume you wish to keep it and will send an additional invoice for the core value. The core value has already been deducted from the Exchange price. (Core value is approximately $90.00) When you receive your printer, simply return your old one to us!!

TM-U950 Exchange