1. RJV-3200 Thermal Replacement Printer REPAIR FOR $185.00
  2. The first thing to do is select, 'ADD TO CART' below and then Check Out.

  3. Next, send your thermal printer in need of repair to:
    Printer Pipeline, 203 Rome Court, Fort Collins Co. 80524.
    Phone / text :970-388-9311;

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Thermal Printer Repair for $185.00 - Return Shipping Ground $14.00 -     Total $199.00
Thermal Printer Repair     $185.00
Return Shipping    $14.00
Total    $199.00

Contact us with any questions you may have about this program.  
Phone / Text: 970-388-9311; Email:
Again, this is NOT PURCHASE or EXCHANGE program, it is a Repair Only